Oochya from Stereophonics with Audio from Capital Sound

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Capital Sound supplied long term client the Sterophonics for their Oochya UK Arena Tour

Coinciding with the release of their twelfth studio album ‘Oochya’ Welsh rockers The Stereophonics recently completed a UK Arena Tour with a full touring package supplied by Capital Sound.

The Stereophonics have a well-established relationship with Capital Sound and once again turned to their preferred audio supplier for their latest tour. Capital’s Hire Manager Martin Connolly specified a Martin MLA system for the eleven UK arena dates. Main hangs comprised fourteen MLA cabinets with two MLA-D as underhangs, with twelve MLA-C per side deployed for sidehangs. For sub-bass Capital implemented an end fire sub array design. Two hangs of four Martin Audio MLX cabinets per side were flown at 45° to the stage to reduce to a minimum the amount of sub on stage.

System Tech Mark Cleator commented on the PA design: “The band really don’t like bass on stage hence the sub array design which keeps this to a minimum while still providing enough punch throughout the arena. Most Arenas are far from perfect acoustically, so we’ve had to use the MLA’s directivity control quite extensively to minimise reflections and maintain audio fidelity.”

Crew Chief Jonny Buck added, “The positioning of the sub array along with the screens presented its own challenges in that the sidehangs end up wider than they normally would be. However again we were able to use the MLA software to compensate for this and ensure we got the coverage we needed to all the sold seats in each venue.”

FOH engineer Dave Roden has worked with the Stereophonics for over 26 years: “Front man Kelly Jones is very clear on the sound he wants to hear, both out front and on stage. He produces their albums and strives to replicate the studio sound as closely as possible. He’s incredibly musical and can precisely explain what he is after. The challenge is then for us to deliver that within the constraints of the arena venues.”

Dave Roden once again opted for a DiGiCo SD5 for FOH: “I’ve used pretty much every console over the years, from Midas in the analogue days and I was an early adopter of the the DiGiCo D5 before spending time with an Avid Profile. Now I’m back with the DiGiCo SD5 which has more than enough processing power and channel count, a logical workflow, not to mention a great sound.”

Sam Cunningham has been monitor engineer for Stereophonics since 2019, having previously been audio tech on recent tours. For this latest tour Sam opted for a DiGiCo SD7 Quantum to produce the 14 all IEM mixes the band and crew required.

Martin Connolly reflected on the tour and Capital’s and now Solotech’s ongoing relationship with the band: ‘ We’ve been working with the Stereophonics for over twenty years, starting in 1998 with a show at Cardiff Castle. It was a Martin Audio system then and it still is to this day. It’s always a pleasure to work with the the band, PM David Nelson and the production team and we look forward to working on future projects with them soon.”

Audio Crew L-R Dave Roden, Tom Gardner, Oli Fallon, Jonny Buck, Mark Cleator, Bheki Phakathi

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